Over the duration of the project, we devised a set of proposals and demands. This list of demands was read out during our Soapbox event on Sunday 6th May, at Kings Court, Glasgow.

    • We will abolish art hierarchy.
    • We will work in solidarity with other artists not in competition
    • We will not exploit ourselves and others by giving our labour for free- because this culture of unpaid labour exasperates inequality and only gives a voice to those who can afford to work unpaid
    • We will campaign for a Citizens Basic Income so that everyone who wants to can afford to be an artist
    • We will stop exploiting ourselves through social media using our art to create content for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram
    • Artists will refuse to become the unpaid gentrifiers of cities
    • Those of us with the privileges of being male, white, cis-gendered, affluent, able-bodied or free from caring responsibilities will give up power
    • We will incorporate care into all the plans we make
    • GI will no longer ask artists to sign contracts demanding that artists work for 20 days in a row, up to 8 hours per day unpaid
    • Artists will not agree to contracts that demand they work for 20 days in a row unpaid

We are continuing to develop these demands and would value other contributions; if you would like to contribute please get in touch with us at inkindproject@riseup.net